Description of Call of Duty Apk Mod Ver4.2.1 with No damage, Data:

Call of Duty Apk is an action types games for android mobile phone. Command an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers, and devastating drones straight from the Call of Duty Apk franchise in this 3D combat strategy game. Customize your base and train elite forces to dominate your enemies in fierce battles featuring fully controllable heroes and epic Kill streaks, like the first-person chopper gunner.

Take command of a small outpost and build it up into an impenetrable base. Then go on the offensive, launching attacks against your enemies. Take direct control of heroes such as Price, Soap, and Harper, wreaking havoc with call of duty black ops zombies apk download game-changing Kill streaks. Create deadly alliances with your friends, competing for in-game rewards.

• Take control of and level up iconic heroes from the call of duty black ops zombies apk data franchise, including Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and more. Each hero has their own progression system and unique Kill streaks.
• Train and specialize your army using units directly from Call of Duty, such as Juggernauts, Dragon fires, and CLAWs.
• Unleash Kill streaks such as the drone strike, UAV, care package, and chopper gunner to devastate opponents.
• Build and upgrade your base into a fortress with sentry guns, Guardians, SAM turrets, howitzers, mines, and over 30 other up gradable structures.
*Defend your base against attackers and go on the offensive in three unique modes: PvP, Campaign, and Survival
• Team up with your friends to form alliances, donate troops, and dominate your enemies

Please note Call of Duty Apk app contains social features that allow you to connect and play with friends, in-app purchases that cost real money, and push notifications to inform you when exciting events or new content are taking place in the game. You can choose whether or not to utilize these features.

What’s New

Various bug fixes and optimizations including:
• Crashes on some devices when opening the chat window
• Chat becomes unresponsive after sharing replays sometimes
• After someone friendly attacks it may look like the hangars were emptied and that the PvP shield was lost (UI issue only)
• Challenge mode shows your own SP balance (UI issue only)
• Problems with watching ads sometimes

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Customer / User Review:

Call of Duty Apk is good but whenever I collect the resources my base gets rotated in mostly when I touch somewhere on top or the left of the screen,this is really irritating during battles and now the call of duty zombies apk mod is crashing a lot with overheating the phone,consuming a hell of a battery and not responding and yes a lot of controls are there but not all of them work like free supply drop,cerium etc.Please fix the glitches asap.

Can never get going in game, constantly attacked and then takes days to recover, but in mean time attacked again, unless you have money to buy think about another call of duty zombies ocean of apk.since i wrote comment, have been constantly attacked and attacked, tell me they dictate the game to how it works out, find another stars, can’t remove the one. I love Call of Duty game.. but its crashing after last update.. solve the problem as soon as possible Thanks

I like it but now I m editing my comment as I m having lots of glitches in game some of the features doesn’t work Evan Activation took some of my cerium which is most important thing in Call of Duty Apk playing this game over 2years but if I had rated this game earlier 5 star now I will reduce it to half Im unable to save the game progress…. In play call of duty zombies android apk download There shows no achievement which i have unlocked… It shows no achievement unlocked….. And the game is crashing frequently in MiUi….. Please fix it…. I like the game but there are some serious problems to fix.

I’m sick off it crashing an then having too report problem 3 maybe 4 times if you’re lucky then you might get back in but if you’re not you have to uninstall an reinstall just to play till it crash again I am not able to open Call of Duty Apk at all. It keeps saying ‘ unfortunately heroes has stopped.’ l am a huge fan of CoD so please fix this problem.

I have been playing call of duty zombies apk ios for awhile…… I did the update thing and lost all…. So glad I didn’t spend any money on it yet. I reinstalled and am having to start over… Ka Ka….once again, can’t login I wouldn’t spend any money on it…alot of people loosing it.

Call of Duty Apk is crashing every time I try to open it after the last update. I was completely hooked on to this game but I guess it’s time to say goodbye! Good call of duty zombies 1.0.5 apk . Only thing it lacks is that you don’t have full control of players while attacking an enemy’s base

Very much disappointed by new update, as because I can’t able to receive free supply drop box or earn cerium by watching advertisements. It just shows currently the ads are unavailable & even the game crashes a lot. Request to developers, please solve the issue.

I cannot play this game anymore because every time I start Call of Duty Apk on it crashes…… I am not able to play the game and I hate that…… After every update there are problems. After the last update the game is leggy and crash frequently. I like this game but if this continues I will have to delete

Call of Duty Apk cool that it’s free, but they want you to buy items to advance rapidly. I’d rather pay a few extra bucks for a game to own n level up by earning in game rewards and completing online events. Paying over and over for supplies towards leveling up in a call of duty modern warfare 2 apk is a scam especially on a pvp server.

Why am I having problems with all of the free offers within the Call of Duty Apk? I cant get the free cerium balloted, I cant get the free double loot when you score 100% destruction. But yet im giving up 1.5mm in loot all the time. Im also getting kicked out often. Why?

Additional Information:

Title: Call of Duty Apk Mod Ver4.2.1 with No damage, Data

File Size: N/A

Languages: Multiple Language

License: Modded APK

Date Release: 09/19/2017

Author: Activision Publishing, Inc.


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