GO SMS Pro Premium Apk Ver7.36 build 407 with Plugin and Language Pack

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Description of GO SMS Pro Premium Apk Ver7.36 build 407 with Plugin and Language Pack:

GO SMS Pro Premium Apk is a communication category game. Bringing you a brand new looking and intelligent mobile experience! Which is offered by GOMO Apps.
GO SMS Pro – Nearly 100 Million users’ choice, all time #1 messaging app to replace the stock!
The brand new messaging app is simple, intuitive, personalizing and fun!
GO SMS Pro Premium Apk comes with beautiful themes, lovely stickers, private box, pop up windows, GO chat (send free SMS & MMS), dual sim support, and much more. We are committed to making GO SMS Pro Premium Apk is a  faster, safer and tons of great features – messaging has never been so fun and efficient!
Free Features:
– Hundreds of personalized themes and lovely stickers (keep increasing)
Private box to encrypt messages & protect your privacy
Sticky conversations help you focus on important contacts by sticking them at the top
Pop up new messages for quick viewing and replying
Dual SIM matching, supports 8,000+ dual SIM devices (keep increasing)
– go sms pro premium apk cracked blocker smartly block blacklist/keywords and filter spam messages
GO chat support for free messages and group chat
Delay to send give you opportunity to correct the wrong messages.
Folded stranger messages Automatically categorize strangers conversations and keep your Inbox simplicity
Avatar popup Show the contact avatar above all apps when new messages arrive. It needs SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission to show the system level popup.

Pro Features:
– Support disabling all sponsored messages
– Advanced Private Box for renaming or hiding entrance, faking notification as well
– Unlimited cloud storage space for message backup
– Free to enjoy all paid themes (Upgrade to Themes VIP)

What’s New

– Bug Fixed

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Customer User Review:

I think go sms pro premium super vip apk the private box needs to be more private. When the screen times out or I turn the screen off, the private box will still be open when I turn the screen back on. If I have a few GO SMS Pro Premium Apk apps open, say Facebook, G mail, and the internet, if I’m in the scrollable list of running apps, I can see some texts, which is not cool when it’s supposed to be private and when I turn off the screen and then turn it back on while in the list of running apps the private box times out and I have to re-enter my pin, as it should be in all aspects of the apps position.

The 2013 version was the best & the past 4 years it’s gotten far worse. It has even less options for rationalization. I even tried the paid version which is such a freakin scam!! You have to pay monthly for literally NOTHING USEFUL. It still needs way too many ridiculous permissions like your id & location! Why the hell do they need go sms pro premium free download all of that personal info?? Are you selling it to the Russians?? Go dev just gets worse over time.

YOU CAN STILL CUSTOMIZE! Still the best go sms pro premium 7.0 apk app out there. I see it updated & I see all complaints about customization. It took me a while, but it’s there. In the message list, slide your screen to the left & u will see your contact list to customize. Still doesn’t work for private box. Customize fonts is still there but can’t find where to make sms pro default messaging. Update: that is in the system settings.

Love the themes and layout but needs a reminder feature. May have to consider going back to Hand cent because it has this feature. I was able to set the GO SMS Pro Premium Apk app to send me reminders every 2 minutes up to 5 times to remind me to check my messages. Which was helpful because I’m not always near my phone. The blinking LED is not enough. Please consider.

Omg, you put ads and added your own layer on my lock screen. Now I need too unlock my phone twice every time I need to do something. go sms pro premium feature pack apk is so annoying. I vow to never buy another HTC phone because of that. If this doesnt change in a few weeks. I am deleting this app. GO SMS Pro Premium Apk is the most annoying thing any apps has done on my phone.

Meh, lots of unnecessary features and annoying ads.. When I’m on wifi and someone sends me a picture via sms it never downloads just gets stuck “downloading” even after turning WiFi off. Annoying. If I turn wifi off and then get the people to resend the picture then it works fine. Please fix GO SMS Pro Premium Apk

Well since the update I found out go SMS pro wasn’t the case for pop up ads, touch pal keyboard was responsible so if you guys happen to have it, go into settings, turn off notifications for it and the pop up ads will stop! GO SMS Pro Premium Apk is still keeping up the amazing work! 5 star messenger as always!

Used for years, but lately the adds are too much. Now it gives me a home screen add so I can’t unlock my phone without touching an ad. Greedy devs. Also, I can’t open a text without an accidental ad click because they purposefully pop an ad up where the most recent go sms pro premium 6.2 apk is, but delay it just enough so that you are clicking the text just when the ad pops up.

I recently updated my go sms pro premium apk old version.. And after the update.. I am no longer able to send stickers. I adjusted the mms size just in case it was the problem but then it didn’t work.. Pls get back to me soon.. I really love your stickers and without them my messages are incomplete.. Please fix GO SMS Pro Premium Apk. Thank you.

I have been using GO SMS Pro Premium Apk app for around five years and that number of ads are way way way too many make it more user-friendly and give vested members full access where your best advertising. To be honest because I no longer have full access as a very old user I’ve been looking for a new application or maybe would think about just switching to what the phones come with

I’ve had GO SMS Pro Premium Apk app for years and always loved it. It went from phone to phone with me. Recently, it’s stopped receiving messages correctly. My smart watch will receive and display go sms pro no ads, but it will never show up in the app. And if I don’t have my watch, then the message is simply lost and gone forever. I’ve had to revert to my phone’s stock app in hopes of solving the issue. Very saddened. 🙁

Used it for years, does it’s job well. Right up until the last update. Added obnoxious ads to my lock screen, which also keeps the display on, draining my battery faster. If you thought adding this was going to convince anyone to buy an app which requires an annual fee, you were sadly mistaken. Sad too, otherwise a great GO SMS Pro Premium Apk app. Buh bye.


Additional Information:

Title: GO SMS Pro Premium Apk Ver7.36 build 407 with Plugin and Language Pack

File Size: N/A

Languages: Multiple Language

License: Modded APK

Date Release: 09/15/2017

Author: GOMO Apps

Homepage: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jb.gosms

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